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Risk Assessment

Practical insights and guidance that private businesses need

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Risk Advisory Services
Management liability risk assessment scoresAppointed brokers can generate custom management liability risk assessment reports that include comparative data as well as practical advice on how their clients can best navigate this dynamic business environment
> 1,000Data points are collected in the creation of every risk assessment report
BenefitsThe report offers an objective perspective on the exposures of small to medium-sized businesses based on the attributes of the company.
  • Chart IconScores and benchmarks tailored to each business
  • Board IconAnalysis of industry-related exposures
  • Compass IconComparison of geographic exposures
  • Alert IconSuggestions on how insureds can mitigate risks
  • Persons IconGenerated in partnership with appointed brokers
  • Cubes IconAvailable on-demand through our broker tools
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Reinvention of The Workplace Study - Counterpart
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Insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead

It's difficult to be completely prepared in this tumultuous operating environment, but Counterpart equips you with more data so you can make the best decisions possible for your company and your team.

Ask your wholesaler to generate a risk assessment report for your business through the Counterpart tools.

Want a hand?Connect with a broker to see how you can benefit from Counterpart's Risk Assessment