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Create customized workflows into your preferred platform that still take advantage of Counterpart’s comprehensive products and services.

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Instant Quotes

Generate bindable quotes in less than 2 minutes.

Custom Workflows

Quote and bind coverage directly within your preferred platform with your preferred branding.

Modular Quotes

Adjust multiple limits, retentions, and coverage options to match the unique risk profiles of your clients.

Simple Integration

Complete the integrations easily with our comprehensive documentation & step-by-step guide.

Developer Support

Leverage our dedicated developer and product support throughout and beyond implementation.

Broker Enablement

Streamline the application process so brokers can spend more time growing their business.

Coverage Available via API

Directors & Officers

Protecting the company's assets and key management.

Employee Practices

Protection from increasingly frequent and expensive employment-related lawsuits.


Protecting the company and plan administrators against damages and defense costs.

Commercial Crime

Protection from financial crime, employee theft, and emerging fraud risks.

Miscellaneous Professional

A flexible and comprehensive policy that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a service professional.

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